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Liposome Production System

Liposome is an artificial membrane. The hydrophilic head of the phospholipid molecule is inserted into the water, and the hydrophobic tail of the liposome extends to the air. After stirring, the spherical liposome with double-layer lipid molecules is formed. Liposomes can fuse with cell membranes to deliver drugs into cells.
Chanse provides a complete process system for lipid preparation from water and oil phase emulsification, homogenization, solvent removal, sterilization and filtration.
Water phase, oil phase, emulsification, homogenization, solvent removal, sterilization and filtration, filling.                 
Tank design based on the customer's process requirements.
The gradient and layout of the pipeline and drop layout of liquid distribution tank and emulsion tank can reduce the residue of liquid medicine to the greatest extent.
The key process parameters are controllable to ensure the controllability of the preparation process.
Fully automatic online CIP / SIP, sterilization temperature and sterilization time control are adopted to meet the sterility requirements of the whole system.
Modular design, three-dimensional one-to-one design.

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